Jul 23, 2010

News: Daily brief news and rumours

AUS: Australian guard C.J. Bruton retired from international competition.

ESP: Bilbao re-signed guard Paco Vázquez for one season.

EST: Aivar Kuusmaa is the new head coach of Kalev/Cramo.

GER/USA: American guard Immanuel McElroy will remain with Alba Berlin one more year.

ITA/FRA: Enel Brindisi is interested in French forward Yakhouba Diawara.

LTU/CRO: Croatian Ivan Sunara will be the new head coach of Perlas.

POL/USA: American guard Thomas Kelati acquired Polish citizenship.

USA/PUR: The Miami Heat re-signed Puerto Rican guard Carlos Arroyo for next season.

Source: acb.com, eurobasket.com, thehoopsmarket.blogspot.com, forums.interbasket.net, nba.com, sportando.net, talkbasket.net

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