Jan 10, 2009

Videos (Vídeos): Superleague (Superliga), NBA, NCAA, Euroleague (Euroliga)

Russian Superleague (Superliga russa)
Regular season (Época regular) 2008-2009:
2009.01.10 Triumph Lyubertsy vs UNICS Kazan

Regular season (Época regular) 2008-2009:
2009.01.09 Heat vs Kings
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2009.01.09 Celtics vs Cavaliers
2009.01.09 Hawks vs Magic
2009.01.09 Bobcats vs 76ers
2009.01.09 Grizzlies vs Raptors
2009.01.09 Clippers vs Hornets
2009.01.09 Rockets vs Thunder
2009.01.09 Wizards vs Bulls
2009.01.09 Nets vs Bucks
2009.01.09 Pistons vs Nuggets
2009.01.09 Pacers vs Lakers

Regular season (Época regular) 2008-2009:
2009.01.07 Davidson Wildcats vs Duke Blue Devils 1 2

Euroleague (Euroliga)
Regular season (Época regular) 1985-1986:
Cibona vs Real Madrid

Source (Fonte): bballcd.com (NBA .flv), bballvideos.com (NCAA)


Anonymous said...

Hi there Rikhardur. Is there any way of getting AJ Milano last season Euroleague games via download? I've been looking for torrents, but they seemed to have vanished.

Thanks in advance for any anwser. JP

Rikhardur said...

@ JP: Unfortunately I'm only aware of torrents for Milano games last season, but as you said, they're all dead or don't exist anymore. If I come across anything I'll post it.